Writer, Director, Executive Producer Nicole Quinn >>


Director of Photography Stephen Harris

Shooting David Strathairn and Melissa Leo

Melissa Leo and David Strathairn

Script Advisor Linde Aseltine watching a scene with Jason Downs

Sabrina Lloyd and Giancarlo Esposito
Giancarlo Esposito, Melissa Leo, Sabrina Lloyd
Line Producer Arthur Vincie and Giancarlo
Giancarlo and Gaffer Rob Woolsey

LeClanche Durand

David Strathairn and Jason Downs

Giancarlo Esposito happy.

Producer Sophia Raab Downs and Assist. Dir. Scott Kyger
Jason Downs sad.
Giancarlo Esposito mad.

R&R for a Union soldier.

David Strathairn dead.

David as Henry, present day.

Melissa Leo as Sadie, present day.
John Seidman
Denny Dillon
Some crew: Paul Bennett, Sam Falconi, Andy Pasternak, Joe Janasiewicz, Rob Woolsey, Tim Foote relax on Main St. Cerdarsville.
Melissa Leo as Sadie Stokes

David as Henry Becker

David, John and Melissa have a laugh.
Melanie Dimitri performing miracles as Makeup Artist.

Producer Sophia Raab Downs with Director Nicole Quinn

The wonderful Camptown Shakers.

Stephen Harris tries to steal Sabrina from her true love.

Sabrina Lloyd
Will Nusbaum
Rebels Sam Falconi, Jaf Farkas, Jon Bongiorno, David Smilow

David with Fight Choreographer Randy Kovitz

Stunt Champion Jaf Farkas
Tim Foote and Andy Pasternak man the jib arm.
Giancarlo and Melissa
David Strathairn grapples with Rebel David Smilow
Edmund and Harry Stokes go off to war.
Portrait of a soldier.

Jason Downs happy.

Extras during the lawn party scene

Rebel threat Sam Falconi
Denny Dillon
John Seidman

Sabrina Lloyd and Jason Downs

Nicole Quinn directs Jason and Sabrina
LeClanche Durand as Onieda Stokes

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